I've been Shot!!!!

Posted on: Fri, 2021/04/09 - 17:40 By: kevin.klop

This past year has been brutal for so many. It's almost seemed like the plagues of Egypt modernized and spread over the whole world. There were fires last year, Murder Hornets, and of course, the main topic of discussion, COVID.

It's felt like all we could do was hunker down, shivering in our man-made caves, while the wild beasts of virii (viruses?) prowled about outside, stalking us, hunting us. Well, now we are finally able to hunt back. We have fashioned our weapon and gone on the offense rather than the defensive measures we've been mired on. As part of it, today was my day to get the first shot of the AstroZeneca vaccine.

However, we can't neglect our defense. I'll still be masking up when I go public. I'll still be (mainly) a home-body. After all, the vaccine confers some added level of security, but it's not a guarantee of immunity. Thus, I'll not be letting my guard down. Still, it feels better knowing that I am doing something more than I was.