A fun day with the neighbours

Posted on: Sun, 2021/05/16 - 19:42 By: kevin.klop

I've made friends with the gentleman who is a few slips down from me.  He has a beautiful Hunter 49 and he's slowly going over it from stem to stern cleaning off rust streaks and other such markings.  He's being meticulous and thorough about it and I admire his diligence.

Today he was scrubbing his port side deck and slipped.  Into the water went his 1 day old scrub brush and promptly sunk to the bottom in murky water.

Most of the day was taken up by the two of us trying to figre out a way to find it again.  We rigged together a horrid implement composed of my boat hook, my scrub brush handle, and his boat hook, and tried to fish around for it.  We tried using a GoPro to look for it, but the Go Pro won't transmit images wirelessly while submerged.  We grabbed my dinghy and moved it to his slip as a working platform to allow us to check a larger area.  Eventually he grabbed his face mask and fins and a wet suit vest and jumped into the water (Brrrr!  Mr. Harbour!).

After spending a good portion of the afternoon, we eventually called it quits and he borrowed my deck brush to work on his boat since I don't need it right now. 

After all that exccitement, I just hadd to take a nap.  Well, actually had to nap due to not sleeping well lately, but that's another story.