Week 1 - Day 4 - 897 days remaining

Posted on: Thu, 2019/04/11 - 10:06 By: kevin.klop

Much as I want to devote 100% of my attention to achieving the goal, there are other commitments already in place. It's important to keep promises to folks.

Yesterday I visited the physio-therapist for more of the ants-holding-a-rave, ultrasound, and to make sure that I'm doing the exercises properly.  Except for one, I was doing them properly which was good news.  The bad news was that now that my form is corrected on the one I was doing improperly, it's a lot harder to do.  Drats!

I also went to talk to a sports physiologist.  He's going to be working with me to develop the core strength, the flexibility, and overall fitness necessary.  Of course, we're hampered right now by getting my hip back up to snuff, but we'll manage. We can work on arms and shoulders and core.

Today I got up early to do my exercises as I have an obligation that will take up the rest of the day.  I'll probably be doing my second set of exercises around midnight tonight, which is a lot later than I would like, but it's important to keep doing them.  If I start making excuses now, such as "it's too late", then how many times will I have made excuses by the end?  Don't start making excuses now!

Anne is happy that I have a goal, though perhaps she would prefer it be something that would not involve being away from home so much at the end.  However, she's already planning her trips to greet me at some of the ports during the race.

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