Week 2 - Day 1 - 893 days remaining

Posted on: Mon, 2019/04/15 - 16:04 By: kevin.klop

Well, now we're making it real - the application to be crew was sent off to the organization today. Up until now it's been sort of "well, I'm going to try to do it." Although it wasn't unreal before, it somehow becomes more real when you sign your name on the line, attach the pictures, slip the package into the envelope, seal it, take it to the post office, and pay the postage.

Today was also a trip to the Physiotherapist for more ants-on-the-skin, ultrasound, and a brace of new exercises.  The workout length is now about 2.5x what it was before.  She added exercises and now I have to do them on both sides, to create a better balance.  Still two workouts a day.  Admittedly, these aren't the "sweat running into your face" level of exertion that the words "work out" conjure to mind.  However, as most people who undergo physical therapy can tell you, you're still working hard and it doesn't feel good.

I know, I know, quit complaining.  I don't have it all that badly.

Anne's leaving for Toronto tomorrow which means I'm all on my own for the next few days before I head off for three days of sailing over the weekend.  Then Anne gets back and we're together for a few days before I'm off again for 2 weeks.  I'll be trying out some of the new equipment this weekend before committing it to the full circum-navigation of Vancouver Island.

I'm not keeping up on my celestial navigation, so the two week trip will be an opportunity to bone up on that.  Working through tables and doing math I'm good at, so the part I need to work on is finding the right stars and also learning to be precise with the sextant.  I'm still having to rely on an application on my cell phone or iPad to find the right stars.  Considering that the celestial navigation is as backup in case the electronics go out, relying on the electronics to find the stars seems like a bad idea to me.

I won't be bringing the sextant with me this weekend because we won't have a valid horizon to use for the sightings.  Shame.  I'd have liked to try to take a few sightings from the deck of a boat before the longer trip.  So far all my practice has been on dry land without having to deal with the pitch and roll of a boat on the water.  Who'd have thought I'd be _asking_ for that sort of treatment?

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