Week 4 - Day 1 - 879 days to go

Posted on: Mon, 2019/04/29 - 17:48 By: kevin.klop

Deep Cove to Nanaimo.  8 hours, 36.8 nautical miles.

Stern of the Rio Dorado

Long day.  Today I was motherwatch which basically means cook and morale.  Breakfast was cold cereal still in Deep Cove. We got off the dock around 10.30 and headed up through Sansum Narrows.

Not much sailing as it’s somewhat narrow through most of it.  The big deal is making sure we get through Dodd Narrows as the current can be more than the boat can make any headway.  This results in the boat moving backwards rather than making progress. By the same token you don’t want to be going with a strong current since you’re in a position of being unable to stop.  Both are dangerous situations and to be avoided.

We arrived early at Dodd Narrows and puttered about for an hour until the currents eased up and continued north into Nanaimo, tyeing up at the government dock overnight and availing ourselves of the park restrooms.

Never underestimate the luxury of a restroom ashore versus the one on the boat!

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