Week 4 - Day 2 - 878 days tro go

Posted on: Tue, 2019/04/30 - 17:52 By: kevin.klop

Nanaimo to Comox (10 hours, 53.4.8 nautical miles)

Totem pole at Nanaimo at sunriseEach day we rotate positions.  The rotation goes Motherwatch, engineer, navigator, captain, crew 3, crew 2, crew 1,and then motherwatch again.  Since I was motherwatch yesterday, it’s ship engineer today.

Engineer is responsible for the health of all the mechanical and electrical systems on the boat.  Usually this means doing the daily engine checks (oil, transmission fluid levels, belts tight, fuel filter and water separator checked) and connecting or disconnecting the shore power upon arrival and departure.  Fortunately for me, today was a normal day and so that was pretty much the end of my assigned duties. The rest of the time was watching others plus some time at the helm on our way from Nanaimo to Comox.

The last time I made this run (our starting location up to Comox) I was soloing a boat and didn’t quite make it to Dodd narrows below Nanaimo in time.  I ended up anchoring below the narrows for the night and the transiting the narrows while the sun hadn’t risen, which was a bit of a nervous time.The Rio Dorado at peace

The current trip was as fresh as the previous trip, with sun shining on the shores.  It’s a nice, gentle ride, though we motor sailed most of it due to light winds from right on our nose.

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