Week 4 - Day 5 - 875 days to go

Posted on: Fri, 2019/05/03 - 18:05 By: kevin.klop

Port Hardy to Winter Harbour.  14h 44m, 77.5 nautical miles

Our instructor keeping an eye out during our travel into the PacificThis is going to be our first day on the ocean.  I never thought that I would consider a 14 hour, 74 mile day to be an “easy” day.  It’s amazing how the overnight trip has changed my perceptions.

However, they say pride goeth before the fall, and that certainly applies to me today.  I figured after several days aboard I had acclimated to the motion of the boat and decided not to take sea sickness medicine.  My normal procedure is to take some the night before and then again in the morning, but old salt of the sea Kevin didn’t need to do that now.

Setting out dinnerUrrrp… guess I was wrong.  I was feeling poorly, but it was too late.  However I needed to go below to get my jacket and that pushed me over the edge, launching the contents of my stomach over the transom of the boat.

Fortunately, that allowed me to feel a bit better and I did my watch at the helm.  However, I declined dinner that night just to be sure. Blech. Not my best day sailing, but at least I stood my time at the helm.

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