Week 5 - Day 2 - 871 days to go

Posted on: Tue, 2019/05/07 - 18:14 By: kevin.klop

Ucluelet to Victoria. 15h 41m, 101.9 nautical miles.

A relatively easy day today.  It’s interesting how my perceptions have changed.  Only 16 hours of travel is now an “easy” day.

Teddy Bear steering the boatOur trip from Winter Harbour to Ucluelet was one of wonderful winds, but no main sail.  Today we have sails, but pretty much no wind, so it’s motoring along, mostly, although we have our sails up.  Style points, if not very functional.

As we enter the Juan de Fuca strait, the statue of Washington is off our starboard side and bow, Vancouver Island is off our port side.  It feels weird to be,once again, enclosed by land after having had the Pacific Ocean open to starboard for the last few days.

We arrive at Victoria around 9:30 at night.  Two years ago, this is where I had departed the Quijote on a previous round Vancouver Island trip.

Victoria is a beautiful city.  The crew scattered to pursue various interests, with Brandt and I having lunch at a fish and chips place on the dock whilst others ate elsewhere or on the boat, restocked their alcohol or food, etc.  In the evening some went off to the bars and dancing.

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