Week 5 - Day 5 - 868 days to go

Posted on: Fri, 2019/05/10 - 18:21 By: kevin.klop

Alt TextPoet's Cove to Ganges. 3 hours, 13.8 nautical miles

Originally our destination had been Thetis Island, which is a bit north of us.  However, after some reflection, we decided to change our destination.  Ganges has their "Saturday Market" which is fun to visit.  By making this our destination, nighting over, we'll be here for the opening of the market tomorrow.

We arrived relatively early as it was just basically a puddle-jump away from Poet's Cove.  People headed off to wander the town as soon as the boat was secured.

Whenever the sailing club that I belong to comes into Ganges, we head to our favourite place for dinner.  Alas, on this trip I missed it, though I did have some good Tacos at another spot.

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