Week 5 - Day 7 - 866 days to go

Posted on: Sun, 2019/05/12 - 18:38 By: kevin.klop

Russell Island to Deep Cove. 1 hour 29 minutes, 5.9 nautical miles

The rest of the night passed tranquilly and most of us slept in.  We knew that this was going to be a fast trip home and we would be arriving relatively early regardless.  Breakfast was make-do with whatever bits of supplies we had already opened, trying to use that up rather than opening something new.  So we might have toasted bread with peanut butter and broccoli for example.

Rio Dorado tied up at homeAfter that, it's simply a matter of puttering along home, letting the instructor pilot us to the dock (Deep Cove has a few gotchas that you need to know about when returning) and then the process of getting our gear off the boat, cleaning it, washing it, and generally making it presentable for returning to the charter office.  Afterwards is sitting around the table and saying our goodbyes and then in the car for the ferry trip home.

My usual procedure is to make a reservation for the last ferry back to ensure that I can get home, figuring that there's no way I'm going to be late for that ferry.  However, I'm usually at the ferry several sailings before that, so just wait for an opening on one of the earlier ferries.  In this case I didn't make it onto the first one after I arrived, but the second one had openings and I was headed home, crossing some of the same water I had just traveresed that morning, albeit on a slightly bigger ship.

Arriving home afforded me the luxury of a long, hot shower with clean clothing waiting and then the best part - seeing my wife again.

Oh, yeah, I'm home!

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