Week 6 - Day 3 - 863 days remaining

Posted on: Wed, 2019/05/15 - 05:53 By: kevin.klop

Oooo, an exciting day.  I received a long (25 questions) questionnaire from the Clipper Round the world folks.  It asked questions about why I want to do this, some personality questions, etc.

The first question, "why?" was pretty easy to answer as I've done a lot of thought about it and even put up a page about it on my website, so that was basically a bit of cut and paste.  Other questions, such as what is my most annoying trait, required some thought.

So what is my most annoying trait?  That's really difficult to answer.  After all, some things that are annoying to one person are endearing to another.  Some things that are fun in one context can be annoying in another.  Some things that are no big deal over the short time can become grating over the long term.  Of course, what they're trying to find out is how compatible (or incompatible) can you be over the course of 30, 60, 90, 300 days on a boat where you're all trapped together and can't get away from each other.  Will you be a source of contention and annoyance to others?  I don't envy them that task.

The second questionnaire was mainly for them to determine the success of their advertising.  It contained the usual questions about what I read (in the way of newspapers, magazines) in paper and electronic forms, what I thought of their website, etc.

The question that caused me the most nailbiting was asking about medical conditions.

About two years ago I was hospitalized with a bleed of the Dura.  That's the membrane that surrounds the brain.  It was bleeding into the brain cavity and putting some pressure on the brain itself.  It resolved itself and the doctors say that I'm at no more risk for recurrence than anyone else, but I can understand how an organization might be chary about putting me on a racing boat in the middle of the ocean, far from medical help.  All I can do is hope that they won't eliminate me out of hand.

I'm back into my physio routine again (it's a bit difficult to do the entire sequence on a boat, though I did try to keep up on what I could do - mainly leg raises type of exercises that I could do while in my bunk).  My first day doing the routine, I was asking myself, "Why is this so difficult all of a sudden?" and then I realized... I am used to doing the leg raise-type exercises without my sneakers on.

Hey, sneakers out at the end of a long leg can have a lot of leverage.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

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