Week 1 Day 2 - 899 days remaining

Posted on: Tue, 2019/04/09 - 14:55 By: kevin.klop

I've been breaking things down in my head into 5 main categories to try to keep a bit organized.  The categories are:

  • Physical - building up the body necessary to do the heavy work of ocean sail racing.
  • Emotional/Mental - building up emotional and mental toughness and resilience
  • Educations - Acquiring the skills and knowledge to function well and safely as a member of the crew
  • Equipment - Acquiring the needed equipment
  • Financial - this all takes money

Over the coming days I'll be documenting my activities for several reasons:  to continue to be publicly accountable for what I do, to keep me motivated and "on-track", and perhaps to act as a bit of a guide to other people who may be considering their own goals.

Right now I'm working with a physiotherapist to deal with a muscle problem in my right hip.  At first we thought it might be bursitis, but it's looking like a tear in the deep muscle tissue.  Why does everything medical hurt?  I thought they were supposed to help us to feel _better_!!  Anyway, yesterday was the physio appointment.  It started out with the usual poking and prodding, then some work to see what the range of motion is, where the weakness is, and where the pain points were.

Then came some ultrasound treatment. No, I didn't get to see an image of the baby.  This is different.  It sort of is like a penetrating heat therapy to get at the deep tissues.  Honestly, I didn't feel much of anything and it was the least invasive part of the process.

Next was electrostim.  Have you ever seen the tv shows where they place some pads on a person's chest and then apply a jolt of electricity?  The "patient" arches their back and seems to convulse...

Yeah... no, it wasn't like that, though there were pads and electricity involved.  Once the pads had been applied to my hip, the current turned on, it felt as if one hundred ants, wearing hob-nail boots, jacked up on coffee, were using my skin for a midnight rave party.  All that was lacking was the chem-light glow decorations and loud music.

This was followed up by an exercise regime that I'm to do twice per day.  More about that in my next post, but the good news is that there doesn't seem to be any permanent injury and the prognosis is for full and complete recovery.

So how did I injure myself?  Well, it was while playing that dangerous and violent game of "curling".  It seems I've injured myself more in the non-contact games like curling or volleyball or basketball than I ever have in the more "rough" sports like american football. Go figure.

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