Week 6 - Day 5 - 861 days remaining

Posted on: Fri, 2019/05/17 - 19:24 By: kevin.klop

I really do need to make it a habit of hitting the "submit" button when I'm done.  I had thought I would add more to yesterday's blog entry, but was too tired when I got home and forgot to actually submit it.  :/

Today was all sorts of non-sailing things.  First was a trip to the dentist to get some old fillings dealt with.  Then there was a board committee meeting for an organzation, and then a meditation session.  Meditation?  Yes, meditation.

You see, I think that one of the difficult things about the race is going to be living with 20 people on a 70 foot boat for 11 months.  I'm a quiet person, somewhat introverted, and I need to deal with that constant emotional "friction" of rubbing against other people in close quarters.  Obviously, it's not like you can get away from them, go for a walk, so I'm looking at a meditation practice to help maintain a serenity, a place of calmness and quiet, inside, and to help deal with the inevitable annoyances that will come with close living to other people.  It's not enough to just have a fit body for something like this (though that's necessary too and is motivation for me to get into shape), but you also have to have a fit mind and heart too - heart in the spiritual sense.

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