Week 6 - Day 6 - 860 days remaining

Posted on: Sat, 2019/05/18 - 20:26 By: kevin.klop

Today was spent writing a new article for the website explaining the very rudimentary theory about celestial navigation, plus putting in some coding work (not visible yet as it's not even close to done) on a better way to organize these blog entries. If you want to read the article, you can find it here.

I'm biting my nails regarding the interview.  The waiting is killing me.  I'd almost prefer that they have said, "how about we call you now?" rather than having to wait three more days!

II also did some research on easier ways to cook aboard, looking into something called Sous Vide cooking.  It's basically like the old "boil in a bag" meals, which theoretically would make meal preparation on a boat a lot easier, and cleanup a breeze.  You could even use sea water as the water to cook in since most recipes don't require any contact with the water (the food is still wrapped in a plastic pouch and never touches the water).  It seems like a wonderful way to prepare meals on a boat except for one thing.

It takes a long time to do the cooking.  Hours, sometimes.  With limited supplies of fuel for the stove, that's a problem and so another theory goes up in smoke (or steam in this case!)

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