Week 7 - Day 3 - 856 days to go

Posted on: Wed, 2019/05/22 - 17:40 By: kevin.klop

Today was a medical and paperwork today.  On the heels of passing the interview, today was getting my medical form signed off by my doctor stating that I was medically fit for the rigours of the race.  Fortunately, he could slot me in today, so it was trucking off to him for the doctor things, then he checked off some boxes, asked me if I thought I was ok for it, and signed it off.  That's (currently) the last bit of paperwork I need to do until they send me a contract to look over and get back to them.

The second medical thing was a visit to the health maintenance group where we are planning out the nutrition and training plan for the coming months.  It started with a frank assessment of what I thought needs to be done.  My list for the physical is:

  1. Lose about 10 kilos
  2. Balance out the strength and range of motion on both sides of my body
  3. Greatly increase core strength
  4. Work on upper body strength
  5. Work on aerobic and anaerobic fitness
  6. Work on flexibility

To that end, we're coming up with an exercise and diet plan to achieve that.  The first dietary goal is to lose the 10 kilos without losing any muscle mass.  There will be some more weight loss later, but that's the first goal.

Right now the regimen is basically to get out and do brisk walking to get the heart rate up and the blood circulaating, every day.  So, on the days Anne has to work, I'll he walking to work with her, then probably continuing on to do some more walking.  I did tell my trainer that I am not going to run, at leat outdoors on the pavement.  I've subjected my body and knees to enough of that sort of punishment.  If he really wants me to do running, then I suppose I can do treadmill running.

Sometime in June Anne and I are going to take an introduction to rowing at a local rowing club.  That might become the aerobic (and anaerobic) training of choice if it's enjoyable, at least during the summer.  I'm not sure what we'll do during the winter.  Moving to a warmer part of the world for those months is out of the question, though.

I also researched what the training regimen has been for other ocean racers such as participants in the Volvo ocean race.  I don't necessarily have to be as fit as them as they are elite-level sailors, but it gives an idea of what I might have to do, to a lesser extent.

I also started studying the actual conditions that might be encountered.  Right now I'm focusing on the southern ocean legs which, it seems to me, are the most dangerous (although the northern pacific and atlantic aren't anything to sneeze at either!).  There have been 100 foot waves reported there.  To picture that, imagine a 10-story building coming at you.  The boats have reported speeds over 30 knots surfing on those waves.  A 70 foot boat surfing on a wave...

The thought keeps going through my head, "Oy!  What HAVE I gotten myself into?"


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