Week 8 - Day 1- 851 days remaining

Posted on: Mon, 2019/05/27 - 21:57 By: kevin.klop

Today was a lot of computer work.  I’m trying to simplify my life, cut down on the distractions from aiming, like a projectile, towards sail racing.  It’s not that each one takes up a lot of time, but in aggregate, they nibble away at time and attention and energy, so I’m trying to eliminate at least some of them.

For instance, there are two computer programs that I’ve been working on, and even those have different platforms for which they are aimed.  I want to finish those off and get them “off my plate” so to speak.

Today I also put my name on the roster as a potential crew member for two upcoming races, so we’ll see if that happens.

One of them is tomorrow.  It’s a local club race, and I really don’t expect to be picked up for that one.  The other is in a week and is the Van Isle 360, which is a multi-day race circumnavigating Vancouver Island - yes, that same trip I made a few weeks ago, but even faster this time.  I don’t really expect to be picked up for it, but there’s a slight chance.  We’ll see.

I have also been studying the rules of racing.  It’s, shall we say, “dry” reading, with a lot of cross referencing with phrases (this is made up, but gives you the flavour), “a boat fetching the mark shall give way when within the mark space unless rule 51 is in effect, in which case rule 23 shall be subordinate to rule 93. (For the real racers out there, yes I know that made no sense at all.  I’m too tired to pull up a real example).

in the world of non-sailing activities, I practiced violin for an hour or two today as I have a one week music camp coming up in July and need to concentrate on getting ready for that.  I’m likely to do the following classes at it:

  • chamber group (Violin)
  • Orchestra (Violin)
  • Conducting
  • Recorder consort (tenor recorder)

and may perform some music that I’m arranging.  The cool thing is that my design for this year’s t-shirts was picked.  I had to order some extras to give out as presents.

so now my days have:

  • workouts
  • walks
  • music practice (Violin)
  • music practice (recorder)
  • music writing/arranging
  • studying

plus any work for being on two board of directors (used to be three, but I resigned from one today) and all the other stuff that is required day to day I just living in this modern world.

I might have to simplify some more.

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