Been a while

Posted on: Thu, 2019/08/08 - 08:50 By: kevin.klop

It's been a while since I last posted. It's been a busy time, though not with a lot of sailing in it.

Firstly, It's official and sealed. Unless I fail in the training, I'm a crew member for the race. I got my contract and everything!

I'm now seriously in training for it, even though it's two years away, - to the point that I've even been turning down hamburgers and eating chicken and other healthy (sometimes even vegetarian) meals. Oy, where has the old Kevin gone? Moooooooooo... I've never been one to like workouts. I'm not a gym type of person, but when I have a goal, something I'm working towards, it can motivate me to do the things that I don't enjoy doing. In this vein, I've been working with a personal trainer (Hi Tyler!). Right now we're doing fundamentals, building up core strength. Besides working in the gym with him, he's prepared a workout for me to do when on a sailboat to continue to build up. It's rather difficult to bring a set of weights on board where weight and space (not to mention the safety of the deck from dropping heavy things on it!) is at a premium.

That takes care of strength, but there's also endurance and aerobic fitness.  I used to run, even completed marathons, but that's not really in the cards for me anymore.  I could have taken up swimming, I suppose, but I wanted something that would continue to increase strength as well.  To that end, I've taken up rowing after a "learn to row" session with the Nicomekl rowing club.  To keep up my motivation for that as well, it was important to set some shorter-term goals than "two years" from now, and they convinced me to enter a regatta in September.  Here's a 30 second video of one of our rows in a double.  I'm in the bow.

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