Posted on: Mon, 2020/03/16 - 17:42 By: kevin.klop

Well, this COVID thing and the Stock Market together has ended the quest for racing around the world, unfortunately.

As I said earlier, the COVID lockdowns caused me to have to postpone training with the Clipper organization, as there was too much uncertainty about health, or even whether England would let me in (or Canada let me back in).

In addition to health concerns, the markets have taken a beating, which has wiped out the funds that were earmarked for the Clipper Race.  So, in total, I've had to notify the race organizers that I am withdrawing.

I wish all the crew from the 2019/2020 version fair winds and fast sailing.  I hope that they have the experience of their lives, that things work out.  I hope that the Clipper Race organization stays solvent through these times, with all the challenges that border closures bring.

And for the people that were going to be my crewmates in 2021/2022, may you be exhilirated, with the wind in your hair, the waves at your feet, a good ship, and a star to steer her by!

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