When one hatch closes...

Posted on: Thu, 2020/04/23 - 03:01 By: kevin.klop

Another one opens, to mutilate a saying about doors. Assuming that this pandemic eases up relatively quickly (a very dodgy assumption), I’ll be skippering a boat delivery for a nice couple. They are remaining in Europe, due to various reasons, but their boat is in the Caribbean. They need it relocated back to Europe and, lucky me, I’ve been selected to be skipper.

We are currently selecting crew for this, with the proviso that almost nothing happens until countries start opening up their borders again.  Even then, we need to set sail on or near June 1 to give me a comfortable safety margin from the hurricanes that plague the equator in mid to late summer through the fall.

The original plan was to go to the Azores via Bermuda.  However, we might alter that destination depending on the state of the world if and when we set out.

the crew will be a pick-up crew.  Initial candidate selection is being done by the owners, though the final say is mine.

The plan is for me to arrive at the boat a week before departure to inspect it, effect any repairs that might be needed, and to familiarize myself with the systems aboard her.  The crew would arrive as soon after that as they could and it would be nice to get a sail in with them before jumping off across the Atlantic while there is still time to say, “mmmm.  No, not comfortable with this person.”

I’m keeping my fingers crossed, though as each day slips away, the hopes diminish somewhat.

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