Week 1 - Day 6 - 895 days remaining

Posted on: Sat, 2019/04/13 - 10:49 By: kevin.klop

Although a lot of this blog will talk about the things that I do to get ready, it should be noted that even more important are other people who are working towards this with me, people who are impacted and sacrificing. Without their support and encouragement, this whole idea would have been derailed at the very first, "You know..." trailing off as I look into their eyes and realize they aren't ok with it and that it's going to affect them badly.

First and foremost is my wife, Anne.  She's heard some crazy ideas from me in the past and been supportive.   However, this is the biggest, most monumental crazy idea yet.  2 years of working and sacrificing together, and then nearly a year apart while I'm out on the ocean.  Without her encouragement and support, this would not have even gotten off the ground.  So, thank you, love, for not only "allowing" me to do this, but for encouraging me to follow a dream and make it a reality.  Thank you for helping me brainstorm ways to make it possible and to help me see how I might be able to help others by doing it.  I might have had the wish, but you're the one that makes it into reality.

Today is exercises in the morning - after all, I have to rejuvenate the hip!  Next week is a few days out on a sailboat (A Halberg-Rassey that I did the west side of Vancouver Island 2 years ago) trying out some new gear and meeting some of the crew for the run down to La Paz in the fall.  A week after that is a 2 week circumnavigation of Vancouver Island.  This weekend I have to finish up the obligation from the last two days and work in getting everything ready for the two sailing trips.  I'm also trying to "get stuff done" so that nothing comes loose while I'm away.

It also looks like I'll be starting a YouTube channel as part of this crazy adventure.  Anne and I have been batting ideas back and forth about what sort of content to put up there.  Honestly, I don't think it will be a big money maker, if anything, but it's another piece to this scary ride over the next few years.

And then there's the tweaking and tuning of the website, which is ongoing.  I caught a few typos today and fixed them and am looking to spuce it all up a bit more so that it's not just a wall of text.

Also working on the list of people to approach for sponsorship or help in raising funds.  So much of this is outside my normal experience or inclinations.  I can feel my hands getting sweaty as I contemplate going to someone and asking them for assistance in raising money.  But, as I read somewhere, "You don't have to like it.  You just have to do it."  So get off my butt and do it!


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